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My New Direction

Kinds of Developers

Cydia Substrate Developers

These people develop apps and tweaks for jailbroken devices. They are the people who make jailbreaking for the end user fun.

Package Managers and Framework Developers

There are developers such as saruik and also as of late comex. They have a very difficult job in that they have to maintain package managers and frameworks to fit any type of tweak, app or theme.

Jailbreak Developers

These people work on making jailbreak tools so you can install packages from the developers above. They find out which exploits to use to create a jailbreak and are in a constant cat and mouse game with Apple.

Low-Level Developers

These are the types of devs that create tools to interact with recovery mode, DFU mode, and other parts of the bootchain such as NOR, iBoot, iBEC, the kernel, iBSS, LLB, SHSH blobs, APTickets, and rarely baseband. These are the most overlooked developers because everyone is usually just interested in jailbreaking and installing tweaks. Only a select few are interested in this type of developing.

Who Am I?

I have been experimenting with Cydia Substrate and have spent a lot of (wasted) time on unpublished tweaks and tools. I don’t really find any interest in it though just because I don’t have the spark of creativity that a tweak, app, or theme developer has. I am changing my direction from Cydia packages towards low-level development. Aside from paid services, I am going to not attempt to make a jailbreak for a while and will focus more on downgrades, fetching AES decryption keys, messing around with the bootchain, and certain bypasses.

What does this mean?

Basically I am stepping away from the jailbreak scene for a while. I will be back when I am satisfied with my experience in the realm of low-level programming (which will be indefinately). Who knows, I might just find another bootrom exploit to use on all devices that would help out with jailbreaking. If I do create a jailbreak though, it will be personal because I do not want to be responsible for millions of devices with my code on them. I am starting today by dedicating all my free time towards development, sleeping, and socializing. Hope you understand. Thank you.


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