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Hello! My name is Dayton Hasty, but I use the name dayt0n in many online circles.

My current CTF teams include:


I am a (fairly recent) graduate of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) where I got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with minors in Math and Psychology.

While attending university, I was the President of the Cybersecurity Club. I participated in CTFs nearly every weekend and attended cyber defense competitions such as the DoE CyberForce Competition (5th place) and the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC) (1st in service).

Our CTF team, HSVTechSupport, still competes in CTFs here and there.


Since I graduated college fairly recently, I’m very early in my “career”. Up to this point, I’ve worked multiple jobs in and around cybersecurity and IT.

Past work: IT, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Research, Software Engineering

I’ve worked with IT in a systems/network administrator type of role from 2015-2020. At university, I pivoted towards cybersecurity by desiging intrusion detection solutions and implementing NIST SP 800-171 controls while working for a department within the college of science at UAH.

Additionally, I created a tool to statically analyze ELF binaries for common memory corruption vulnerabilities under a research grant.

In 2020, I started an internship doing software development that focused on security solutions. I contributed to a custom operating system, worked on large-scale network device monitoring, and created a Golang-based C2/agent framework for use during red team engagements.

Current Job: Pentesting and Software Engineering

My current job can broadly be described as pentesting / red teaming. However, it involves many activities such as:

  • DevOps with Ansible and GitLab CI/CD
  • Infrastructure design and deployment
  • Pentest tooling development
  • Report writing and automation
  • Physical security testing
  • Social engineering (both digital and in-person)
  • Network security testing
  • Application security testing

I really am “chill like that”

When I’m not working, you can find me:

  • playing CTFs
  • tearing my muscle fibers apart at the gym
  • coding on side projects
  • cooking, or at least trying to
  • reading (mostly) non-fiction books